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This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0627159. Recent upgrades to the webserver broke some dependancies of this site; due to lack of funding, they will not be fixed. Hence, most queries do not work. The MGOS site will expire on November 2017.
Information Description and background of MGOS
Forum Registration of M. oryzae community members
4th IRBC Abstracts The 4th International Rice Blast Conferance abstracts
Genes COMMUNITY ANNOTATION and Search genes
EST Contigs M. oryzae GenBank EST contigs
RL-SAGE M. oryzae and rice SAGE tags from interaction experiments
Microarray M. oryzae microarray experiments
Mutants M. oryzae mutants
Genome M. oryzae genome browser
Literature Community additions and Search literature
BLAST Against MGOS sequence data and UniProt
Links Links to M. oryzae and rice websites
Community Annotation
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   950    Annotated Genes
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MGOS publication
Kour et al. (2012) MPMI
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